À Irwindale avec Dennis F.

Publié: 9 juin 2010 dans Course, Late model Monte Carlo SS

Voici un message que j’ai posté sur le forum iRacing. Comme il résume bien ma semaine sur Irwindale je le copie ici.

My first LM season. I’m new to the sim racing world so I’m here to learn. While winning and be competitive is a dream, it’s not a real objective.

As said in my blog Irwindale is my most difficult track. Whatever I do during test and practice, I make my RF tire smoke and will most likely lose control after 15 laps. Surprisingly, during race I was in great control. Not fast but in control. It must have to do with trying and racing with my subconscious. Yes, I’m reading the Inner Speed Secrets book. :-)

Anyway, it was my worst week in term of Champ. points, but it was a fun week where I learnt a lot.

No great moment to tell but a little anecdote:
I got 2 copycat races.

In both race me and Dennis F. fought for the 7th position.

In the first race I followed him for a long time. I was satisfied with my 8th position until I started to gain time over him in the last 5 laps. I changed my strategy and decided that if I get the opportunity, I will pass him. I did it in the last lap and won this fight by 0.012 second!

In the second race, he was behind me for a long time. In the last few laps he was gaining time over me. I decided to race and keep my 7th position. (I usually always let pass drivers because situations like that make me nervous.) I think that he wanted to pass me but I never gave him the chance. I was a little worried, am I blocking him? I got the answer after the race when Dennis gave me compliments about our good race. :-)

It was the first time I was actually racing. I learnt a lot. Now I know that I can control my stress in difficult situations. I know I can keep my focus on my car and my line even when I’m close to another car. I know I can drive with my subconscious and use my brain to make new strategies.

  1. Alain dit :

    C’est bien de publier des infos, du contenu sur iRacing.
    Tous mes encouragements.

    J’ai mis un lien vers ton blog ici :


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